The adrenaline trace and burnt tyres drifting over the track inside the KC 12 Park ground in Mmamashia is an expected enjoyment on the 2nd of July 2022, where hundreds will be gathering to watch cars skid and stunt performers hanging perilously out of the car windows. White plumes of smoke swirling into the air as drivers take turns spinning round and round in circles is an act that is fast becoming one that local sport events revelers will not dare to miss.

The biggest daredevils and legends of the local spinning and drifting game would face-off against each other as they let go of the steering wheel or hang themselves upside down on a moving car as they compete to be crowned the local champion.

In an event dubbed, ‘Head to Head’ and organized by the Sherif group, fireworks are expected as two local clubs take centre stage, Sherif vs General.

Mercy Mpai, spin and speed club secretary and Federation Internationale de l'Automobile women in motor sport Botswana representative said they wanted to bring the top local spinners against each other and promote the sport.

“We have our reigning spinning national champion since 2018, Saxton 'General' Leepile and undefeated Thuto 'the Sherif' Rasegojwa; we wanted them to face off in this challenge. The main idea for the event is to have the top two most skilled talents in the country go against each other and that’s why we named the event ‘Head 2 Head’."

Mpai also revealed that they have included drifting in their event and said they have invited international acts to grace the event and add more entertainment.

She said it has not been easy to source sponsors for the event in the wake of COVID-19 but they have received most sponsorship in kind to ensure the event will be successful.

“Nowadays after this pandemic, it is difficult to get financial aid from companies, other sponsorship will be in-kind, as the likes of Dunlop will provide tyres and tyre changing machines. This event will not be a championship competition but we will have prizes for our winners,” she highlighted.

Mpai revealed that team Sherif are working around logistics to train young-stars and help them become professional spinners and promote defensive driving.

She said the practice could go a long way to fight some social ills which young people are normally part of, adding that spinning is an interesting sport that can occupy their minds.

“We are working on having a centre where we can train young people. We would want to encourage the young stars, more especially at grassroots level to come through and learn from the legend. Spinning is mostly to do with defensive driving and they can have a career by just doing it, it could be a source of income for them as it will help take them off the streets,” Mpai shared.

The Botswana FIA representative also announced that there will be two women spinners, one of them coming from South Africa as they look to lure more women into the sport.

“It is a way of empowering women and show that women also can play the sport; we have upcoming lady spinners and for them to actually see other ladies doing it will go a long way to increase women participation in the sport,” she said.

She added that they are working closely with Botswana Motor Sport (BMS) to ensure that all the standards and necessary safety measures are observed.

Timpower, Boss Phiri, Ghetto Child, Mattizo, B.M.K Crew, Mike, Jabu, Kenzo, Ben Mafia and Dobenas are some of the teams which will thrill the audience on the day.