Botswana Football Association are set to once again benefit from their close relationship with UEFA Assist which will see further developments at Lekidi east ground.

The UEFA assist initiative was introduced in 2017 and aims to provide practical assistance to other confederations and their member associations in order to develop and strengthen football across the globe.

Back in 2013, through FIFA goal project, the BFA were able to develop and build an artificial turf ground, Lekidi east ground, which is currently getting a face lift, thanks to UEFA assist.

The developments include improving the drainage system and building stands which will enable easy and comfortable watch for spectators.

The project, according to the Chief Executive Officer at Lekidi headquarters, Mfolo Edwin Mfolo, was funded at a tune of €350 (P4484.94) and he confirmed that the developments are already underway.

“This UEFA assist is our partnership with Slovakia Football Association, so what we do every year is that, we submit a project budget proposal, and fynds permitting, they evaluate and fund for developments.

This year, we submitted for lighting, improving the drainage, stands and 12 months maintenance of our two grounds. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get funds for lighting but we will take it to the next circle,” Mfolo told Sun Sport.

Through the UEFA assist program, the BFA were also able to send the senior women football team, The Mares, for a two weeks training camp in Slovakia in their bid to qualify for the 2020 Olympics back in 2019.

The two associations, Slovak Football Association and BFA also signed a memorandum of understanding, an agreement which saw the BFA build ablution blocks, a project which is reported to have cost around P426 000.

One of the main scope of UEFA Assist is essentially to share knowledge and best practices to help UEFA’s sister confederations to develop and strengthen football within their respective territories.

The BFA together with UEFA assist officials recently joined forces to help accelerate professionalization and commercialization of the Botswana Football League (BFL) and its clubs.