Teachers at Ngwaketse Junior Secondary School in Kanye woke up on Monday to the sad news of their colleague having allegedly committed suicide.

Details of the incident are that 51-year-old Khembos Chongo, who's on separation with his wife, committed suicide after finding out that his girlfriend was cheating on him.

According to Chongo’s shocked colleagues, they last saw him on Friday, invigilating Junior Certificate examinations. A close colleague told The Midweek Sun that Chongo had told him that his girlfriend was cheating on him.

Before he committed suicide, Chongo phoned one of his friends who's a teacher at Seepapitso Senior Secondary School and confessed about the cheating girlfriend.

"We heard he told a friend during a phone call that his girlfriend was cheating on him, that he has taken a decision to end his life," one of Chongo’s colleagues, said. He further revealed that the deceased left a suicide note.

Another teacher described Chongo as a friendly person and said he never thought he would commit suicide.

"I met him not long ago, when I arrived on transfer. We only exchanged mobile numbers two days ago, I still cannot believe he is gone," the grieving colleague said.

The deceased who was a Religious Education teacher, was found dead inside his school house by one of his friends from Seepapitso school who had rushed to his place after receiving his phone call.

Suspicions are rife that he poisoned himself. A bottle of a what is suspected to be a deadly poison was found on the floor near his lifeless body.

Southern region operations Director, Acro Maseko, confirmed the sad news to this publication and said that suspicions are that the teacher committed suicide over relationship problems.

"The case has been reported to the police, it is true that we lost one of the teachers at Ngwaketse school," Maseko confirmed.

Kanye Police Station Commander, Vincent Pitseetsile told The Midweek Sun that they are still investigating the incident.

"It is a fresh matter, investigations on the matter are still ongoing," Pitseetsile said.