Police have not yet visited the crime scene where a Kanye man murdered his girlfriend with a baby on her back almost two months ago.

Kanye Magistrate court this week heard that Police are still to visit the crime scene.

The 41-year-old man of Ralekgetho, Obetletse Gaofose, appeared for case status update after allegedly killing his 30 year-old girlfriend Onneetse Nkweetsile by stabbing her multiple times on the body, while she had a seven months old baby on her back at Ralekgetho ward in Moshupa. The seven months old baby was later untangled alive from the back of her lifeless mother, and given to the woman's relatives.

The deceased Nkweetsile was allegedly killed by her jealous boyfriend, Gaofose who hails from Moshaweng lands, on suspicions that she is cheating on him.

Case prosecutor Sergeant Lenah Banyaditse admitted to the presiding magistrate that they have not visited the crime scene yet, therefore the accused should be further remanded. The shocked magistrate asked the prosecutor if there would be no contamination after such a long time, but Sergeant Banyaditse assured that the murder crime scene is still intact as they locked and tapped the house and that no one has been staying there.

The presiding magistrate further advised that a crime scene should always be immediately visited to avert contamination.