Tragedy befell Wadikgomo family at Mafhikana ward in Kanye, when their 54-year-old son, Lekang Wadikgomo, allegedly killed his wife, Bontle Wadikgomo and then committed suicide last week Thursday.

The heart breaking incident took place at Digawana Primary School teachers' quarters, where Bontle worked as a teacher.

Details of the sad incident are that the married couple never had a smooth marriage and often consulted parents for mediation. The couple did not have children together, but each had a child from previous relationships.

Lekang is alleged to have murdered his wife, Bontle and dismembered her limbs. He then visited their matrimonial home in Kanye and returned to Digawana the next day to commit suicide inside the same house he killed his wife.

He left a suicide note, asking for forgiveness from his family and asked them to support his child, further pleading in the note, for his mother in-law to desist from the practice of witchcraft.

The suicide note reads: "Ke kopa maitshwarelo, ke imelwa ke botshelo. Le ntlhokomelle ngwanake Evah. Keireng le Kitsiso ba tlogele boloi." Keireng and Kitsiso are Lekang's in-laws.

One of Bontle's associates, who preferred anonymity told The Midweek Sun that the couple fought all the time to a point where Bontle developed bitter hatred against her unemployed husband and did not even include him in her funeral insurance.

When reached for comment, Wadikgomo family representative and elder, Robert Masibe said their wish is to have a double burial for their children. When asked about the tragic incident, Masibe declined to comment further and referred the publication to the police.

When confronted about allegations of witchcraft levelled against her, Lekang’s mother in-law, Keireng Outlwile said she was not a witch and said if she was, she would not have allowed her daughter to get married to Lekang.

"My daughter was killed like a mad cow," the distressed woman said. The old woman further revealed that she was summoned to the crime scene by police officers, where she found her daughter dismembered and blood everywhere in the couple's sitting room.

"I have long begged my daughter to divorce the abusive husband and told her that he will end up killing her. She always reported the abusive husband to us," Outlwile said.

Outlwile also confirmed that her daughter did not include her husband in the funeral insurance. Digawana Primary School teachers on Monday met with the two families.

Southern Region Operations Director, Acro Maseko confirmed that indeed the incident took place within Digawana Primary School premises.

Lobatse Police Station Commander, Superintendent Baakile Moshashane also confirmed that they are investigating a murder-suicide incident that took place at Digawana.

Moshashane declined to share more details, saying investigations in the incident are still at an early stage. Asked whether they sensitise the public about Gender Based Violence (GBV), Moshashane explained that they always host educational GBV workshops and even reach out to the community during Kgotla meetings.