This morning, Bangwaketse Paramount Chief Kgosi Malope II addressed the Bangwaketse community at Kanye Main Kgotla, revealing that he has been receiving troubling letters from his cousin, Metlhaeno Gaseitsewe.

According to Kgosi Malope II, this is the second offensive letter he has received from his cousin. It was disclosed that on the day the letter was presented to the tribal administration, Kgosi Malope II was participating in a virtual meeting and was unable to attend to his cousin.

Before reading the letter aloud, which contained disparaging remarks suggesting that Kgosi Malope is not the rightful heir to the Bangwaketse chieftaincy and accused him of abusing his authority, Kgosi Makaba stated, "Batho Betsho Kgosi Kgolo ga a tsoga, gotlhelele ga a tsoga, mme kana go raa gore ga re ga a sa tsoga re le Morafe...!"

The letter, written in black ink and not enclosed in an envelope, was delivered to Bangwaketse deputy paramount chief Kgosi Telekelo. Additionally, the sender handed another letter to Kgosi Malope II's wife.

In the contents of the letter, Kgosi Malope II was accused of lacking royal lineage and the wisdom required for leadership. The writer also warned that Malope II's reign was nearing its end.

Reading from the letter, Tirontle Semane Kgopo, Headman of Arbitration from Mokgomane, conveyed that it was authored and signed by Metlhaeno Gaseitsewe. "You have become more intoxicated with power, behaving recklessly. The current situation calls for decisive action to remove you, akin to removing an elephant from a room by breaking boundaries. You are unfit to lead Bangwaketse and lack the royal pedigree and intelligence required of a leader..."

However, representatives from the Bangwaketse tribe expressed their dissatisfaction with the letter and reaffirmed their support for Kgosi Malope II as the rightful paramount chief. Responding to the accusations, Bangwaketse deputy paramount chief Kgosi Kepapetse Telekelo asserted, "Ga re ka ke Ra Bua sepe ka ngwana wa mpa ya dikgora!" referring to the author of the letter.