In a tragic incident that has rattled Kanye residents, a 22-year-old woman in Sebako ward took her own life on Monday amid allegations of cheating.

According to reports, the deceased and her boyfriend both worked at the same business premises - she in the butchery, while the boyfriend is a resident DJ at the place. Before the suicide, the woman had confronted her DJ boyfriend, accusing him of cheating and impregnating another woman.

The distressing episode unfolded at the boyfriend's rented house in Sebako ward. Eyewitnesses mentioned hearing heated arguments between the couple in the midst of which the boyfriend stormed out to buy cigarettes.

Upon his return, he discovered his girlfriend's lifeless body hanging from the house rafters, her clothes slightly burnt, and the bedroom smelling of paraffin. The DJ, visibly shocked, promptly reported the incident to the police.

Kanye Police Station Commander Vincent Pitseetsile disclosed that the woman had soaked herself in paraffin, climbed onto her suicide chair, set herself alight and kicked the chair to hang on the rafters. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.

Pitseetsile is not ruling out the possibility of foul play.