De Beers Group in partnership with Tsholofelo Desire Charitable Foundation donated a house worth about P250 000 to a family in Mogonye, through its commitment to the Ambassadors for Good (AfG) programme. Ambassadors for Good (AfG) is an Anglo American and De Beers Group employee volunteering programme that gives employees the chance to use their skills to initiate social projects in their communities, backed by funding from the Anglo-American Foundation.

Handing over the house recently, De Beers Acting Head of Human Resources – Diamond Trading, Olefile Setswamokwena said the Build a Home project is a true reflection of how everyone can contribute to company purpose and Make Life Brilliant for the communities. “Building thriving communities is one of the key pillars in our Building Forever framework, a blueprint for delivering a positive, lasting impact on the world around us.” In 2022, the Tsholofelo Desire Charitable Foundation received funding from the Anglo-American Foundation to construct a house for a family in Mogonye as part of the Build a Home project under the AfG programme.

The project aimed to provide a safe and secure living environment, along with comfort and dignity, to a family that required it the most, reaffirming De Beers Group's commitment to improving the lives of the communities in which it operates. Setswamokwena pointed out that De Beers Group takes the responsibility to deliver long-term development projects that benefit the communities where it operate and leave a positive legacy long after diamonds. “Testament to this is our Ambassadors for Good programme.

It embodies De Beers Group's core values and commitment to making life brilliant for the communities and showcases De Beers Grpup's dedication to social responsibility and our commitment to uplifting our people.” As of 2022, De Beers Group has extended its reach to 12 markets through the Ambassadors for Good programme, with 443 active ambassadors collaborating with 110 partner organizations. Moreover, there were 73,423 anticipated beneficiaries. “De Beers Group remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering sustainable development, community well-being, and creating lasting positive change in the regions where it operates.”