Local sexologist says men with low income give good sex

Local sexologist and author Kagiso Bareki has cautioned successful men to up their sex game, saying men with lower income are extremely good in bed than them.

Bareki has authored multiple books, few of them being 'Sex 101' and 'Business 101.' Sex 101 has been extensively read and he plans to digitalise it.

Bareki told The Midweek Sun this Monday that through his consultations, he found that financially established men are often preoccupied, become stressed and often fail to deliver during lovemaking.

"On several occasions, female clients reaching out for relationship assistance often say their broke boyfriends satisfy them in bed, compared to those who are financially stable.

“They will ask about what they need to do about the financially stable ones who hardly last five minutes in bed," he said.

He also hinted that some of his male clients, married to visionary women of integrity also complain of failing to meet the level of sex satisfaction they want, saying most of them often act like moralists inside bedrooms.

According to Bareki, men with lower income appear good looking and sexy to women as most of them are less stressed about work and less likely to cheat, compared to their higher earning counterparts.

A relationship expert, Arianna Jeret also states in her research that men earning lower income focus on the quality of life, than a life of luxury and that quality of life probably includes great and frequent sex.