Young innovator, Tumisang Kgarubane has taken a step forward to provide agri-business solutions through modern technology systems. The company, Green Scenery (Pty) Ltd specializes in crop and livestock production. The company also specialises in systems development through a subsidiary called Binary Thoughts.

Speaking to the Business Trends, Kgarubane explained that Binary Thoughts develops solutions that try to solve a society's problems or comes up with innovative tailor made solutions that are aligned with a business’s needs. The solutions helps farmers to monitor livestock and crops, improve records keeping and business strategy through dedicated softwares and mobile applications. “We believe that whatever a person thinks, or says can be created or developed, thus the name Binary thoughts.”

He said he was born a problem solver as he had always been good at solving problems. “Ever since I was a boy when I learned the basic Microsoft suite, I’d make small programs to help out with my parents farming business, from paying wages and generating income and expenditure reports. I fell in love with solving problems. That’s when I decided that system development is my path. I then went to school to further sharpen my skills.” A Computer Systems Engineering graduate said after he was confident with his skills, he practiced by developing applications that were useful whilst improving and learning from other programmers.

“As my skills improved, I started going door to door advertising and marketing the applications I made to relevant businesses that would find the applications I developed useful and this was back in 2014.” Binary Thoughts is made up of three members, Tumisang Kgarubane, the team leader and founder of business Otsile Motsila (graphics and interface designer) and Sephiwe Mangundu (the team’s human resource and administration officer. The company recently emerged as the first prize winner in this year’s Absa hackathon challenge which was mainly about improving the agricultural sector.

He said through the competition, his company got an opportunity for exposure to the public. “We had loads of applications and ideas that were developed but we didn’t know how to go about to expose them to the public. The current protocols and institutes put in place to assist with this are not really inclusive. Ideas get shut down at the door before they are heard by anyone influential. So this innovation challenge validated our skills. Now that our skills are recognized by a reputable organization like ABSA, we are now re-assured and our confidence is fully restored.”

Among the challenges Kgarubane said most companies prefer well established companies to come up with solutions. He highlighted that some companies even outsource the same skills available in this country from other countries. “I realized that there are plenty of companies in this country that struggle with their day to day business activities but are quite sceptical when it comes to engaging the fellow Motswana who has the skills they need.” Kgarubane also stated that within this market, one needs to persevere and continue developing applications, publish or launch them for the world to see his skills.

“Not every company will like your solutions, all of them might reject them but you don’t have to be demoralized because you’d be passionate about your skill.” He said clients and reputable companies outsource from other countries so apart from the Absa hackerthon they don’t have any major clients but they have loads and loads of launched but idle applications. He said all the applications they developed and launched but are now idle will be consistently marketed and advertised.

“Other programmers will be provided an employment opportunity to further improve these applications. We can even provide a platform for them to also present their innovations. I believe that if we use the money right and expose our skills our fellow Batswana will have more faith in us and the I.T market will thrive.”

Kgarubane said they want young innovators to be given a platform to showcase their ideas. “We are going to improve the innovators recruitment from what it is now. Every innovator will now know where to go should they have an idea. More innovations, more success and more exposure. With this, Botswana will be a Technological power house in no time.”