Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) continues to drive local business development through its #Pusha BW strategy which has played a key role in encouraging the purchase of locally produced goods, thus enabling the local companies to grow.

BITC Brand Management Executive Director, Kutlo Moagi said the #PushaBW campaign, initiated in 2018, has played a pivotal role in rallying Batswana to actively contribute to the local economy. “By encouraging the purchase of locally made products, supporting local initiatives, and utilizing local services, the campaign has fostered a sense of pride and community engagement.” Moagi highlighted that BITC’s Exporter Development Programme, launched concurrently with #PushaBW, focuses on supporting manufacturers by improving product quality, packaging, and increasing production capacity to meet the requirements of potential buyers. “These initiatives collectively contribute to job creation and economic diversification.” She further stated that the revamped Export Development Programme aligns with opportunities presented by the African Continental Free Trade Area (ACFTA), tapping into positive economic projections in select countries despite the pandemic. “This forward-looking approach underscores our commitment to proactively address challenges and leverage emerging opportunities.”

BITC’s financial and non-financial incentives have been crucial in encouraging investment in priority sectors. With no foreign exchange controls, remittance and full repatriation of profits and dividends, the organization provides a conducive environment for investors. Moagi said the credibility of Botswana's International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) value proposition further enhances certainty and security. She said the establishment of the Botswana One Stop Service Centre (BOSSC) in 2016 stands as a testament to BITC’s commitment. BOSSC streamlines processes for both new and existing foreign and local investors, facilitating government clearances and approvals. Furthermore, we have strategically leveraged stakeholder relationships and partnerships to advance its mandate, particularly in supporting local businesses and ensuring their active participation in Botswana's economic growth.”

In response to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Moagi said they have re-evaluated BITC’s strategic focus. Drawing insights from UNCTAD's World Investment Report 2020, which projected a significant decline in FDI flows to Africa, and recognizing the enormous import bill in 2019, BITC has strategically redirected efforts towards domestic investment. “By identifying opportunities mapped according to regions, sectors, and available business intelligence information, BITC seems to have positioned itself to make informed decisions in an evolving economic landscape.” BITC's new Strategy Plan positions the organization as an apex investment entity, internally transforming to become agile, innovative, client-centric, and people-focused. Regional mapping opportunity studies, import bill analyses, and sector-specific studies contribute to informed decision-making and continuous improvement. In 2022, BITC realized a target of P23 billion for domestic investment, as opposed to the set target of P24 billion.