Khoisan clinches deal with SA record label

They have been in the music industry for only three months but Khoisan group has already secured a deal with South African record label Muthaland. The group members recently confirmed to Vibe that they have already been adopted by the record label and are gearing to make waves across Africa and globally. Khoisan is fairly new in the music industry but the quality of work of the Marabele hit makers is impeccable as evidenced by this music deal. They tell Vibe that being endorsed by a big brand like Muthaland means a lot and they did not see it coming. The record label is publishing a deal for their latest song Marabele together with the video. They reiterate that this really humbles them especially for the fact that they only met at an audition but are growing to be a beautiful family that they are that continues to win people’s hearts within the industry. Their music is playing not only in Botswana but across Southern Africa, something that they take pride in. The excited members expressed gratitude to their manager Suffocate of Roc Leashes for helping them make their mark. The group members will this week tour the North West province in South Africa in continued efforts to take their music to the people. Their single Marabele is still enjoying airplay on Mafikeng FM. Said the group representative: “We don’t take this deal very lightly. We really embrace it and it is a big deal to us, as it really helps in growing us as the new comers and we are certain that it would also be easier for us to release our upcoming first album due to this deal.” The group members also noted that they are excited that their music will be sold through renowned music store Musica. “We are honoured that our brand is growing with Botswana and will reach more people globally.” Khoisan will release their next single dubbed Habaebone next month. The song features Bekezela. The energetic and esteemed group anticipates releasing their debut album in April or May.