Sydney Pilane says he is unaffected by Duma Boko’s weekend rants. Boko was quoted insulting Pilane during the launch of Ketlhalefile Motshegwa in Gaborone Bonnington South this past weekend. Pilane told The Midweek Sun that the UDC is unworthy of leading if it can still partake in mudslinging. “I find the insults and abuse unworthy of people who profess that they are capable of, and can govern this country because I differ with them, see things differently, and disagree with the manner they conduct themselves as unworthy of those who can lead us. “The sane watcher and listener will form his/her own judgment, which I will be content to be guided by,” he stated. Boko also insinuated that Pilane was senile. “They have given up on the case they had filed. I looked at the court papers and I can tell you that it is a joke. Does he even know the law? Or he has reached senility? Senility means you are about to lose your mind,” charged Boko. Boko also called Pilane a‘thokolosi’ and ‘mathinthinyane’ (warthog). “Le ene yo o bonang re mmitsa thokolosi ha re tenegile yo, ga se gore re mo tlhoile. Re tenwa ke mokgwa wa gagwe wa bothinthinyane le bogogorwane jwa gagwe. Ga re na letlhoo mo go Pilane. Re tenwa ke bothinthinyane jo le go rongwa boloi. Ene hela ele motho ga re a mo tlhowa gotlhelele,” Boko said. What is mathinthinyane? A warthog, a well-known animal in southern Africa, is known for its hardiness. Part of the pig family, warthogs are known to spend most of their time foraging for food. They are not the most beautiful or graceful animals and like pigs, are known for being dirty and slimy. They are also known for crop raiding and tend to leave a trail of destruction where they appear. The hogs are identified by their snots and large flat heads. What is a thokolosi? In African mythology, a thokolosi is an eerie creature that is dwarf like water sprite. Thokolosis are believed to be called upon by malevolent people to cause trouble for others. A thokolosi is considered to be mischievous - it is widely believed that it is difficult to get rid of a thokolosi. A thokolosi is also known to have a huge sexual appetite and eats too much. Those who claim to have seen it describe it as a short, dark, ugly and a smelly creature.