The CEO of CEDA Thabo Thamane this week appeared before Broadhurst Magistrate Court to testify in a threat-to-kill case. Particulars of the matter are that Tombo has been charged with threat to kill contrary to section 2.20 and for the use of insulting language, contrary to section 1.80 of the Penal Code. The particulars of the case are that on July 5, 2017 in Gaborone without lawful excuse, Tombo said to Minister Dorcas Makgato: “I want P5 million this year or I will behead you,” or words to that effect. He is also said to have “conducted himself in a provoking manner or in a manner believed to be provoking.” The case has been dragging on for nearly two years now. Last month, a fired up Makgato testified in court that the accused had threatened to kill her and insulted her mother, adding that the accused is a lunatic. Still during the same court case last month, Tombo shocked court when he stated that Thamane, who has been CEO of CEDA for about 17 years now, would be his witness. Thamane, who appeared annoyed to be there, openly testified, interestingly, against the accused. Thamane told court that he had come across the accused, Tombo, about twice. He explained that the accused had once applied for a loan at CEDA but unfortunately it was rejected. “It was a business related something to do with a kombi and sorghum,” he said vaguely. He also said that the loan application was rejected because Tombo’s submission did not meet the requirements. “We told him why his loan was not approved,” he added. Thamane further said some time following his loan rejection, the accused started calling and insulting him. He described Tombo as someone who likes to speak using insults, demeaning words and distorting people’s words. Thamane said he would later receive a call from then director of DCEC Rose Seretse, who enquired about the loan rejection. A meeting was called and Thamane attended it. “During proceedings of the meeting, I explained the procedure and requirements for a loan application with CEDA to Tombo and it appeared as if he understood everything that I told him,” he said. But it appears that the accused did not as he would allegedly go on to insult Makgato, threatening to behead her and complaining everywhere, even going to the Office of the President. Tombo claimed that his CEDA loan application had been rejected because he had failed to produce a BDP membership card. During cross examination, the prosecutor Amos, highlighted to court that Tombo applied for a CEDA loan in 2010 but started insulting the complainant, Makgato, in 2015. She wondered why it had taken so long for the accused to start expressing his disgruntlement. She added that at the time that Tombo uttered the insults, Makgato had already left the Ministry of Trade and Industry where she was minister and had been transferred to a different ministry. “Why is it that the accused did not at least find out where the complainant was before hurling insults? He could have engaged the then minister about his matter.” As usual Tombo who appeared disheveled could not give a solid answer and only said: “All these people are devils and corrupt.” During cross examination, Tombo has never denied that he insulted Makgato and sent her unsavoury text messages. In his defence, he claimed that he was “very angry at Makgato.”The case, which is being heard by Magistrate Tshepo Thedi, will continue next month.