Yoga Corner

We continue with the mind blowing, thought provoking and profound wisdom quotes from H.H. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. !10 "Life is a combination of effort and effortlessness; deep rest and dynamic activity; passion and dispassion." !11 "A Life is not fatalistic.

Life is a combination of free will & destiny. Though many things are fixed; many things can be influenced" !12 "Everyday life is combination of the heart & the head. In personal life, the heart should take the front seat. In business, the head should lead." !13 "Life is a beautiful mystery, just live it! Trying to understand mystery is confusion, when we live mystery of life so totally, then joy dawns" !14 "Work is not Life. It is one expression of Life.

When the mind is restful, work becomes purposeful." !15 "Life is bigger than our limited roles & identities. You are a beautiful citizen of this beautiful planet." !16 "Our life is very precious. We should embrace the diversity and celebrate life." In one of the many sessions with Gurudev, someone asked how they could overcome jealousy?

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said: “Just know that you are going to die and the other person is going to die too. The person whom you are jealous of will be finished, you will be finished and everything will become ashes. What is there to be jealous about? When you are jealous of somebody, you are looking at life from a very limited perspective. So go beyond that. That is why dispassion is important. It will bring stability and make you centered. And then everyone will be jealous of you.”

You may be wondering to yourself that surely Gurudev knows that it is easily said than done? Yes and that’s why He has designed many authentic tools or life skills to help all of us who struggle with applying what we know is right.

He refers to the processes that He has designed as tools that take us “from head to heart”. The various tools are presented in many Art of Living programs, and the one we conduct frequently is the Happiness course, which for the past two years since the advent of covid we’ve been doing it online – it’s only four days, two hours a day and you come out totally transformed, seeing life from a broader perspective. More next time......