Following Botswana Darts Association (BODA) national team selections last month, which were to be followed by the Region 5 tournament to be hosted in Namibia from 29th August until the 3rd of September, it seems the association has recently hit a road block as they are too broke to travel.

Administrators at BODA were this week left scratching their heads after holding a meeting with national team players on Tuesday night, as they are yet to find funds for the trip.

In an interview, BODA spokesperson, Thato Maphorisa said they are still looking to make end meets for the team to travel. “I don't really know what to tell you but I just want to be honest with you, things are not looking good for us as we try to embark on a journey to Namibia for the Region V games to be played between the 29th August to 03 September.”

He added that they don’t only encounter financial problems as the team doesn’t have a kit for the games as well. “The only thing that we have and ready with currently is players, we have selected Botswana's cream without a doubt but now funds are the barrier between us and the medals.” he explained.

“I have no doubt that with this team we are going to compete not just to participate. Currently, we need the funds for the following; camp which was scheduled for the 21st August, transport to and from Namibia, accomodations whilst in Namibia, food, playing kits and if possible allowances.”

Moreover, the search for sponsors has been ongoing and the association has hit a snag but they remain hopeful that a sponsor will come on board soon, in the meantime, the team will individually contribute for the trip.

“To be honest, we haven't been successful in any of the above but we haven't given up. Now we have joined hands as NEC and players to knock at every door and try to acquire funds for the journey. We are a very lucky code where players don't just sit and wait for the management to give them everything, they are forced to understand and also try to meet it halfway.”

Maphorisa stressed that P50 000 can solve a lot of their problems.need and if at least just one sponsor can come forward, the trip will be a success. “We are basically one of the cheapest sports to sponsor. I'm appealing to potential sponsors to help us now, I see darts going somewhere and the best time to associate with us is now, when our colors starts to show.”

He said the Botswana National Sport Commission has awarded them a budget of P50 000 which is not even enough to cover this trip alone but part of the money is for administration and development of the sport. “Darters are people who are very committed, we might be forced to have each players sponsor their journey, something that we really don't want to end up resorting to but with or without the BNSC, the trip will be.”