Following the recent showdown between Botswana Chess Federation (BCF) President Mooketsi Segaise and his assistant Moses Khutsafalo, it appears intervention of Botswana National Sport Commission would be premature.

In an interview this week, Vice President Moses Khutsafalo said some of these issues are before the principal members, which are the clubs, of which intervention can be sought from BNSC.

However, he stressed that this kind of things may tarnish the image of the sport. “Chess as you may know, is a growing sporting code which has been struggling both financially and attracting the right numbers of competitors and sponsors, therefore such turn of events is highly regrettable and it obviously dents our image,” he said.

Khutsafalo was slapped with a suspension letter by his senior this week, for bringing the name of the federation into disrepute but says he is not aware of of his wrongs.

“The letter I received is not detailed, but just indicates to the alleged statement of bringing the name of the organisation, its executive and membership into disrepute."

At this moment, it is very sketchy as no further information has been shared with him, therefore he is hoping for an update on the investigation as indicated in the letter, “I have to know where I erred in my conduct, and obviously the guiding framework that guides in such.”

In response to the letter, Khutsafalo also slapped his boss with a suspension citing misuse of funds, abuse of office and failure to account for funds.

However, he does not believe his President is a dictator and believes that a lot can be done to fix the matter since they are not at each other's throats.

“To err is human, and every one of us is prone to errors in one way or the other. I believe the president erred basing on a spur of the moment as we were having differences on some internal matters. I remain available to finding an amicable solution to this current issue.”