Police XI sensational forward, Oarabile Sekwai, has been making waves in the Botswana Premier League, scoring goals at an impressive rate, and his skill and passion have earned him a spot on the national team.

The youngster is set to represent Botswana in a four nation’s international tournament in Madagascar from March 22 and he is currently in camp with the Zebras.

The 20 years old has already scored 7 goals, four assists in the Premier League, and according to him, he’s not done yet. He's targeting over 12 goals for this season, and his sights are set even higher for next season. Sekwai is currently on position five of the top goal scorers of the Botswana Premier League.

Sekwai isn't just a goal-scorer, he's also an extremely skilled player with an impressive technique on the ball. In an interview with this publication, he appeared to be a humble and down-to-earth person, and his determination is evident in the way he plays on the pitch. Sekwai has big dreams for his future as a professional footballer.

In an interview with Sun Sports, Sekwai stated that he had always been determined to make an impact during this season, with the ultimate goal of earning a spot on the national team. So far, things have gone well, and he's happy with his performance and his selection for the Zebras.

“I'm honoured to have been called up to the national team, and I see it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I'm going to seize this chance with determination and use it to keep improving as a player. This season, playing for Police XI, I knew that I had to step up my game when I was converted from a midfielder to a forward,” he said.

“I told myself that I had to compete with the big-name players, and I was determined to show that I belonged on the field. I knew that I had to score goals and make an impact in order to prove myself, and I was ready to do whatever it took to succeed. It is a challenge, but I am up for it,” he added.

Even though this is only his second season in the Premier League, Sekwai is already determined to leave his mark. He said that he is aiming for 12 goals and 8 assists by the end of the season, and he's already racked up 7 goals and 4 assists so far. He acknowledged that there's pressure in the Premier League, but he's determined to push himself and to perform well whenever he gets the chance to play for the national team.

Nelson Olebile, the Head Coach of Police XI, spoke highly of Sekwai, saying that he's a talented player but his progress has been hampered by injuries.

“Sekwai is a remarkable player, and he has a great future ahead of him. He has the unique ability to see half spaces on the field, and he's able to run into those spaces and make great decisions about where to pass the ball.

He's a very intelligent player who reads the game well, and has the potential to become an all-round, complete player. We're going to continue working on his strength and fitness, and we're confident that he'll reach his full potential,” Olebile said.

“Being called up to the national team is a huge opportunity for Sekwai. He'll gain valuable experience and exposure by playing with top-level players. It's also a big confidence boost for him, and we're extremely proud of what he's achieved. We know that he'll continue to work hard and do his best for the team, both at the club and national level,” Olebile concluded.