The Chairman of the Botswana Football League (BFL), Nicholas Zakhem, has blamed the Minister of Sports and Culture, Tumiso Rakgare, of attempting to influence the league shareholders in order to cause divisions. Zakhem also claimed that the minister has referred to him and the league board director, Jagdish Shah as foreigners.

During a media briefing this week, the Chairman and Director of the Botswana Football League expressed their concerns about the current situation in the league. They feel that they are being unfairly attacked, and that the Minister of Sports is so much involved. Zakhem said that Rakgare has been making comments about the league being run by foreigners, and this is causing tension among the league's shareholders and the board.

"The Minister has been interfering with football matters, making unhelpful comments and belittling those involved. For example, he made disparaging remarks at the official opening of the Dinaledi Football Academy Stadium, claiming that the league is being run by foreigners. This is not the case, and as Minister, he should not be making such negative statements. Instead, he should be supporting our efforts to empower and create jobs for the youth,” Zakhem said.

Shah also added: "It's heartbreaking to hear someone say that I'm a foreigner when I've put so much effort and sacrifice into Botswana football. I was ready to walk away from it all after I resigned from Township Rollers, but the shareholders and the board asked me to stay until the end of the 2023-2024 season. I don't understand why they would want to remove me from the board in this way. It doesn't seem just.”

Zakhem said that the Minister is giving the shareholders the confidence to push them out of their positions, but that this will not happen easily. He said they have worked hard for Botswana football, and they deserve respect for their efforts. He further noted that even if the clubs do not want them in these positions, they will not allow themselves to be pushed out unfairly, because they have a strong reputation in the community and they will not allow themselves to be driven out the way certain shareholders want to do it.

“Our goal is to create a prosperous and harmonious environment in Botswana football. We want to finish the current season smoothly and transition into the next season without conflict. However, we cannot force anyone to do the right thing. We will not be returning to our positions next season, as our terms are ending. If the shareholders who want us out are truly concerned about the future of football, they should wait until the season ends before taking action. They still have an opportunity to do the right thing and support the league,” Zakhem stated.