Members of the Footballers Union of Botswana were drilled in ethical conduct, survival tips in and out of the pitch, during the ordinary congress over the weekend. Footballers Union President, Onalethata Tshekiso explained to the union members that football is the less travelled path. Tshekiso noted that no one should judge anyone for taking this path.

“We play football not because we are driven by hunger, it is our calling, our passion.” Tshekiso explains that local players have given their lives meaning through football. Furthermore, the players of professional football should stand together in difficult times.

Tshekiso explained that local football players should recognize the power that they have and they should not take this for granted as they have the power to shape the future of football.

Speaking during the same occassion, theBotswana Federation of Trade Unions (BFTU) Secretary General, Thusang Butale quizzed the FUB members on their bargaining power. Butale explained that players should not only recognize their bargaining power but they should know how to use it.

Butale urged players to always report cases of non-payment as soon as possible so that their issues may be ironed out. Moreover, players should know their rights because by doing so no one can take advantage of them.

The trade unionist explained that professional players represent only 1% of the 200+million footballers worldwide. Therefore they should guard their profession jealously.

“The future of football is evolving, technology is becoming part of it.” Butale implored players to prepare themselves for the future in football. Already goal line technology, VAR, sensors in football have shifted the way football used to be and according to Butale more is coming, hence the players should prepare themselves for it.

For his part, Botswana Football League Chief Executive Officer, Solomon Ramochotlhwane noted that by the 2026-2027 league, the 1st division and the premier league will both be professional leagues.

Ramochotlhwane expressed concern over the fact that some football teams still face governance issues.

He urged players to bring in more fans by playing attractive football. He noted that some potential fans are chased away by the style of football that local teams play.

Ramochotlhwane explained that footballers should understand that the product they are selling is football. Furthermore, teams should take note of the fact that they can do more to market their matches.

“We have seen lately the positive opportunity by in social clubs.” Ramochotlhwane explained that Sunday soccer teams should motivate professional teams to do better in terms of marketing and selling themselves.

Ramochotlhwane urged players to take care of their bodies, and take note of what they eat as food has a contributing factor in their longevity in the profession. Furthermore, Ramochotlhwane noted that during the Christmas rest, players should not partake in social tournaments but must rest and recuperate their bodies.

Ramochotlhwane warned the players that those caught will be fined and banned for a period of time. Players were also warned against doping and alcohol as it affects their play.