Recent reports indicate internal strife within the management of Debswana National First Division South's Notwane FC. Allegedly, the management committee is divided on critical matters, notably the decision to place head coach, Omphemetse Setswe on a four-game leave of absence. This development has raised concerns among fans and supporters, who fear its potential impact on the team's upcoming performances.

The alleged disunity within the Notwane management team is apparent, with claims that decisions are being made without proper consultation among members. Speculation is rife that the club is undergoing internal turmoil, which could have repercussions both on and off the field. The team's prospects of securing automatic promotion to the Premier League may be compromised, and there are growing worries about the potential negative effects on players' morale.

Sources suggest that half of the management team disapproves of the decision to place Coach Setswe on leave, asserting that his performance did not warrant such action. Furthermore, there are allegations that certain decisions are motivated by an intention to undermine the coach and permanently remove him from his position.

When contacted for comment this week, Notwane spokesperson, Mogomotsi Orapeleng declined to disclose specific details about the situation. However, he confirmed that the coach is on a four-game sabbatical leave, and questioned the motivation behind the media's inquiries. He declined to comment any further.

Coach Setswe's future at Notwane is uncertain, as he has not been given any clear indication of the reason for his leave or when he may be able to return to the team. He expressed frustration at the lack of communication from the club's management, and stated that he was told to take a four-game leave of absence, with the reason given being the management not happy with the team's results.

Setswe's record since taking charge of the Notwane FC in the Debswana First Division South League has been mixed, with two wins, two losses, and two draws, giving the team a total of eight points. The coach has expressed concern about the lack of communication from the team's management, and the possibility that they may be considering firing him. However, the team would then need to find a replacement coach, which could be a challenging task.

"I was given four games suspension for poor results, but I don't think it's justified. My team has been playing good football, and we've only lost a few games due to mistakes and inexperience. I'm building a team for the future, and I believe we will improve with time. The management needs to have patience and give us a chance to develop as a team, " he said

"It's such a shame that they are considering suspending me, If we could have been more clinical in front of goal, we could have won more matches. I still don't know my future with the team, but I think I deserve to be given a letter explaining my suspension. Without that, it's difficult to know what the management is thinking and what they want me to do," He added.

He expressed disappointment with the way things turned out between him and the club. He said that he has done his best to make the team competitive, and even paid for transportation costs for some players out of his own pocket.

At the moment, Notwane is coached by Coach Setswe's assistant, who is temporarily filling in for him.