Matagwa Club De Futbol emerged winners following hosting the Sunday Soccer Champions League 3 tournament this past weekend at the UB Kicks field. The 3-day tournament took place from the 10th of June to the 12th with participation of other newly established teams, aomgst them: As Majita, Matagwa CF, Smokers Sc, UB Raptors, Ko Mollong, Goromente, Titans, and Ringmasters.

In nail biting encounters, teams fought to advance to the knockout stages of the tournament. In the end, Matagwa, Smokers, Ko Mollong, and Titans were able to move onto the knockout stages from their respective groups. The tournament was officiated by a professional league referee, Lefika Kopelo who has been a referee for 8years now. Matagwa and Ko Mollong went head-to-head in the finals, were Matagwa proved that they are not just hosts, but victors as they were crowned the ultimate winners.

The coach of the Matagwa club, Moagisi Thokwane said, “They always believed they could bring the cup home and they did,” further stressing that, “I am very proud of the boys because they played their hearts out and surely deserved the win.” With the anticipation of winning, Ko Mollong team lost to Matagwa CF and one of the players, Kopano Hunyepa known as 'Mayambela' was not happy with the results of the tournament. Being the favorites of the tournament, losing was not what they expected but he emphasized that:

“This was a minor setback, but we go again, ha gona mollo o timileng o santse o tla peperetla.” Sunday soccer has returned with a drastic force this time around. In an interview one Sunday soccer fans expressed that Sunday soccer has become a good coping mechanism for him and most of his associates, "often times, we resort to criminal activities, drugs and alcohol abuse and we overcrowd in alcohol places. Even though, we are not limited to the amount of alcohol we consume here, the scale of consumption has dropped because instead of just drinking, we are watching football and using alcohol rightfully as a social drink."

Following the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions, people are using social football as a tool to make up for the lost time in which they could not freely meet up/ hang around and drink their beverages. “The future of social football may prove problematic but I foresee a lot of teams being formed and it could lead to the unearthing of talent,” said Godiraone Mongale from Goromente FC. Thokwane who spearheaded the tournament, said more awards were given to recognize the talent of deserving players. The top goal scorer was awarded to Tumisang David Pego from the A.S Majita FC,

Kgosi Kinglsey was awarded Keeper of the tournament while Dennis Kafas was awarded player of the tournament. He also said going forward, social club football will continue growing as it brings so many people together and connections are built. Teams are now gaining sponsors and the sponsors of this tournament were DennyVal Sports Apparel and Vula Clothing line who are local brands.