As CAF Confederation Cup beckons

Gaborone United, is leaving no stone unturned in their preparations for the upcoming CAF Confederations Cup. According to Herbert Letsebe, the Communication Manager of Gaborone United, the team has been actively engaged in friendly matches, both locally and in the region to fine-tune their tactic and strategies for the upcoming season.

"Our preparations for the CAF Confederations Cup are going very well," said Letsebe. "We have played a number of significant friendly games to ensure that our players are in top form and ready for the challenges ahead."

Moyagolele will play Elgeco Plus in the first round of the preliminary stages of the CAF Confederations Cup, with the first leg to be played between 18-20 August in Botswana and the second leg a week later in Antananarivo. Letsebe remains hopeful that they will at least reach the group stages of the tournament.

Gaborone United faced tough opponents in their friendly matches, including renowned South African clubs, Mamelodi Sundowns and Supersport United. Just a week ago, they also took on Young Africa from Namibia, further testing their mettle against regional rivals, ahead of the intense CAF Schedule.

"These friendly matches are an essential part of our preparation," Letsebe explained. "The technical team is taking the boys through their paces, focusing on tactics, teamwork, and individual skills to ensure that we are fully prepared for the CAF Confederations Cup."

In addition to rigorous training sessions, Gaborone United has been bolstering their squad to ensure they have the necessary depth and talent to compete, both in the continental competition and domestically.

"We have already made some significant signings to strengthen our squad," Letsebe revealed. "Thabo Motswagole from Masitaoka and Poloko Nkalolang from Security Systems are among the new additions. We are also in talks with several other players to further enhance our team."

Letsebe emphasized the importance of having a strong and competitive squad not only for the CAF Confederations Cup but also for domestic competitions. Gaborone United aims to be a force to be reckoned with in all competitions, and having depth in their squad will be crucial to achieving that goal.

"We want to be able to compete at the highest level, both on the continent and in our domestic league," Letsebe stated. "By strengthening our squad, we are ensuring that we have the necessary depth and talent to face any challenges that come our way."

As Gaborone United continues their preparations for the CAF Confederations Cup, fans and supporters eagerly anticipate their performance on the continental stage.

With a dedicated technical team, a strengthened squad, and a commitment to excellence, Gaborone United will dig deep to make their mark and bring glory to the red army of supporters that follow them almost everywhere.