The Botswana Football League (BFL) has decided to penalize all teams that boycotted the Premier League matches on January 12th and 16th. The decision was made by the BFL Chief Prosecutor, acting as a one-man judge.

As a consequence, teams that did not attend the Week 13 and 14 fixtures will not play those matches at all, resulting in zero points awarded to each of them. On the other hand, the teams that participated in the matches will receive three points and two goals.

On May 14, the Botswana Football League's one-man judge, Charles McErick, announced the ruling to penalize boycotting teams in response to the controversial downsizing plan. The BFL CEO emphasized the finality of the decision, asserting that it cannot be challenged or overturned. This decisive stance from the BFL leadership has sparked further discussion regarding the league's direction and the future implications. The decision significantly impacts the current standings, with Gaborone United receiving six points and VTM FC and Security Systems each earning three points, the updated table now positions Gaborone United ahead of Township Rollers by a single point.

The Botswana Football League (BFL) shareholders convened a meeting in Palapye in December to express their dissatisfaction with the leadership of BFL Chairman Nicholas Zakhem and board director Jagdish Shah. In response to the BFL's controversial downsizing plan, the shareholders collectively decided to boycott league matches to raise awareness of their concerns. Despite warnings of potential consequences for the strike, the boycotting teams maintained their stance, only to face repercussions as they will now be unable to play the missed games.

The ruling reads: "In the foregoing, the wrath of the law has no exception to those that claim not to know it, the expression of ”ignorantia juris non excusat” (ignorance of the law is not an excuse) is an essential public character of law that requires that the law, once properly promulgated, must apply to anyone in the jurisdiction where the law applies. The teams that have boycotted / absconded the games have no saving; they knew that they were violating the clear laws of the governing statues and such sanctions must equally be imposed on clubs that did not honour the fixtures."