Following his 2 years absence from the ring, former World Boxing Feseration international bantamweight Champion Onkarabile 'Scara' Mothibedi is expected to make an in ring return on December 16 when he takes on Tefo Letshikgane as a supporting bout to reigning WBF lightweight champion Kagiso Bagwasi who defends against South American Marcio Soza.

Speaking in an interview this week, Mothibedi said he never wanted to rush back into the ring considering that losing the title can damage one mentally and therefore decided to take his time away from the ring.

"It's been a long two years, without doing something I really enjoy, fighting is what keeps me going but I had to stay away and not jump into any fight. I started training in October and got back to shape slowly, my fitness is almost there and I am feeling ready, without any pressure to prove anything.”

He added that his preparations are going well now and he will be able to take his opponent to task in this fight. “I can't complain about anything for now, I am waiting for the fight and there is no pressure on my shoulders,” he said.

The Goodhope born pugilist said as a former champion, he is in the process of rebuilding his reputation so that he fights for the title once more and prove the naysayers wrong. “I wanna have another chance, after all I deserve it and my work on the ring will speak for me.”

Mothibedi, who lost his title to Moabi Ngaka some few years ago, says he is more than ready to reclaim the title and become one of the top boxers in the country. “In life you fall, dust yourself and fight again so I haven’t given up, I know my capabilities inside the ring and I am now redefined.”