Botswana Golden GrandPrix Track and field event will take place as scheduled despite losing the World Athletics Gold status.

Despite losing its Gold status, the Botswana Golden Grand Prix track and field event is still scheduled to take place on 14 April 2024. The organizers have stated that they believe the loss of the Gold status was not based on standard procedures, and they remain optimistic that the event will go on regardless of the situation.

Glody Dube, the event organizer for the Botswana Golden Grand Prix, has expressed his concern about the way in which the event's status was revoked by World Athletics. He stated that this was not in line with the organization's standard procedures, and he is awaiting a response from them. Despite the downgrade, he said that preparations for the event are continuing and that nothing will stop it from taking place. “The World Athletics organization did not cancel our event, they only terminated our contract with them for the next two years. They claimed that we don't have the necessary budget or facilities to host a Gold status event. However, we strongly disagree with their assessment,” he said.

“Regardless of World Athletics' decision, we are moving forward with the event in collaboration with the Botswana Athletics Association. We are also working with the private sector to ensure the event's success, even if it is no longer Gold status. We will continue to pursue answers from World Athletics, as there is still a possibility of having our gold status reinstated. Otherwise, the event will go on as planned,” Dube added.

Regardless of the uncertainty surrounding the status of the Botswana Golden Grand Prix, the organizers are calling for partners and sponsors to help make the event a success. The event is scheduled to take place in April at the National Stadium, and the organizers have stated that they will be inviting international athletes to participate.

The Botswana Golden Grand Prix was founded with the goal of promoting athletics in Botswana and providing a platform for athletes to showcase their talents. The event has since grown to become a major international competition, drawing athletes from around the world. While the recent decision by World Athletics has caused some uncertainty, the organizers remain focused on their original goals and are committed to making the event a success.

“We will be patient while we await a response from the World Athletics Integrity Unit. We will not back down until we understand the full reasoning behind their decision. This event is not about me, it is about Botswana athletics and the future of the sport in the country. We have big dreams for the future, including upgrading from Gold status, and we won't let this setback stop us,” Dube stated.