Outgoing Botswana Wresting Association President, Dr Moagi Sharp has been engaged by the National Olympic Committee of Lesotho to spearhead a new wrestling project in the country.

The local administrator announced this week that the Olympic Committee of Lesotho reached out to him and he will not be standing for the local elections of Botswana Wrestling Association next year unless affiliates express their desperation for his services.

He noted that he can always put on two hats at the same time and believes that his role in Lesotho will not be a distraction but another way of growth and experience.

“I know how to manage my time and balance what I am doing, I am the President of Professional Wrestling Africa and that has never tempered with any of my roles.”

Sharp is also part of the International Jump Rope Union, the Rope Skipping governing body where he is the board member.

The outspoken administrator says his roles will be to start up Olympic Wrestling and immediately shift to entertainment wrestling in Lesotho and they will partner with Wrestling Entertainment Champion South Africa.

On the other hand, he said Lesotho officials were impressed by local Wrestlers at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games this year and they reached out to him for assistance.

He further said his work in Lesotho is not permanent and he is not lost to local wrestling. “My role is to train their officials and wrestlers and I will always engage them to see their progress so that they affiliate with the World Wrestling governing body,” Sharp said.

Sharp says he dreams to see local wrestling grow in leaps and bounds, from entertainment wrestling to Olympic wrestling, and will be proud if the country wins a medal from the sport, especially at the Olympics.

Sharp, who is celebrated for starting the sport locally in 2003, managed to win several accolades in leadership, one being the Africa Association Leader of the year, which he won back in 2019.