Confusion as World Athletics recalls its Gold status from the Botswana tour

Chaos and confusion are currently centre stage in the heart of Botswana's lucrative athletics realm as the prestigious Botswana Golden Grand Prix finds itself stripped of its coveted Gold Status by none other than the mighty track and field world governing body World Athletics. Currently shockwaves are rippling through the local track and field community as accusations fly, pointing fingers squarely at high-ranking sports officials that have allegedly

orchestrated an underhanded and clandestine coup against the event's original visionary, Glody Dube

It is alleged that the World Athletics representative, Robert Wagner, was granted the World Athletics Gold Status to host international athletics events in Botswana.

Robert Wagner, visited Botswana in 2022 when the Botswana Golden Grand Prix organizers were preparing to host their first Gold Status event. Wagner was a representative of World Athletics and he worked with the organizers up until the day of the event. There are allegations that Wagner's company was awarded the Gold Status to host the event, despite the fact that the organizers had already been given that status to run for three years.

The Botswana Golden Grand Prix organizers have confirmed that the event's Gold Status was revoked by World Athletics, but they have not been given an explanation. The organizers had been planning for the second edition of the event, which was originally scheduled for April 14th, 2024. The sudden news come as a surprise, especially since the organizers had been given three years to host the event.

The Botswana Golden Grand Prix press conference that was scheduled for February 21st has been cancelled. The organizers had planned to provide an update on the event and its status to the media, but they are now unable to communicate until they have a detailed report of what is happening. They have been holding a series of meetings and are not yet ready to share information with the public.

Last year, the Botswana Golden Grand Prix was met with praise from many in the athletics community, with many calling it a successful event. It attracted sponsorship, executed its events well, and attracted top athletes from around the world including American 100m champion Sharcari Richardson. The National Stadium was filled to capacity as spectators thronged the event, demonstrating the event's runaway success.

While the Botswana Golden Grand Prix organizers are working hard to figure out what went wrong, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the event. The loss of the Gold Status is a significant setback, only time will tell what the future holds for the Botswana Golden Grand Prix.