Absa Bank Botswana, the leading commercial bank over the weekend sponsored the highly successful Lake Ngami Classic, which was hosted in the village of Toteng, in the Ngamiland district.

“The Lake Ngami Classic is more than a cycling race; it is also a celebration of community, sustainability, and the spirit of togetherness. This event did not only showcase the prowess of these sportspersons but also demonstrated their dedication to supporting the communities in which the bank operates in. Toteng is an area of breath-taking natural beauty. The lake Ngami classic presents yet another opportunity to engage with cyclists and will prompt further investments into world-class facilities, helping inspire new generations of riders. ,” said the bank which is led by Keabetswe Pheko-Moshagane. About 300 cyclists graced the event.

Meanwhile, Leroy Klein, the Chief Risk Officer of the bank, stated, "Our purpose at Absa is clear: 'Empowering Africa's tomorrow. Together... one story at a time.' This sponsorship and the associated tree planting exercise exemplify our commitment to that purpose. We are proud to stand beside Khoemacau Copper Mining, and we believe that the Lake Ngami Classic and the tree planting exercise are wonderful ways to give back to the communities that have welcomed us."

According to a statement, the listed bank will also plant over 1500 trees in partnership with Khoemacau Copper Mining. Tree planting initiatives have long been recognised as a symbol of environmental stewardship and an important part of CSR. As a company, Absa Bank Botswana said, it believes that planting trees ‘is not just about giving back to the environment, but also a way of giving back to the communities it serves. Trees have a profound impact on the environment and our well-being, providing cleaner air, conserving soil, and enhancing the beauty of the landscape’

Tree planting is one of the several initiatives that the bank does in alignment with its Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) drive. The bank continues to find new avenues to be a force for good in the community and looks forward to many more stories of collaboration, growth, and empowerment.

Klein, further emphasised, "Being a force for good is not just a tagline for us; it's a deeply embedded philosophy. We believe that through our collective contributions, we are nurturing a sustainable future for all. This is not a one-time endeavour; it's a continuous journey towards creating a positive long-lasting impact."