Have you ever wondered what the red in the Domkrag flag and uniforms means? I do not know either. But we don't know also because we have not been led by any other party except the red party.

What if Domkrag's red is a covenant made and your blood is the price? All I am saying is there is something dark, in a spiritual way, about this leadership. When the blood of innocents is spilled and investigations are blocked in this Domkrag-led land, you know that darkness is reigning indeed.

Of course Vampire must leave office, this is now a sad fact that President Masisi makes short-sighted decisions that will continue to endanger Botswana way after his exit. Vampire President must know that we are angry. He wears the red of our blood and dances.

It is time to turn off the music and stare him in the face, bagaetsho. Down with Masisi and his failed leadership! Down with the Vampire President sucking our money and blood at night because it is all madi. Those who see spiritually hear me. President Masisi, stop sucking our blood with bad economic sense and a dark heart.

Motswana, every time you see the BDP cabal gathered and dressed in red remember they are draped in the blood of your own families. Batswana, every time you see the colour red, think of the blood of the innocent that continues to be spilled under their watch. Think of Tlotso Karema. Think of Segametsi Mogomotsi. Think of Kalafatis.

Think of your own family blood being spilled by these people. Fear the party that smears on itself the blood of Batswana. The time is up for Vampires. President Masisi, we want a serious inquiry into the murder of Tlotso Karema. Do you not realise how angry Batswana are?

I want every Motswana to imagine that President Masisi is dancing on the graves of Batswana every time he dances in public. We are tired. We, as a nation, have woken up. Now it is time to wake up this naked Emperor whom people fear telling that he is nude and disappointing. Our imagination is a powerful tool and they have been controlling. We, concerned Batswana hereby weaponise our imagination against vampires.

President Masisi is sleeping on the job; only Batswana can wake him up if they choose to do so. The joy of living in a constitutional democracy is that Masisi can be fired. Who can fire him? A Motswana voter can keep up the refreshing trend we are seeing from recent bye-elections. Batswana are starting to wonder whether it is indeed democratic for one party to rule the country for six decades.

They want change and they are also disappointed in President Masisi's limp leadership. Masisi sets unrealistic goals and if that is not the mark of a bumbling leadership, I don't know what is.

It is worth noting that the administration only crawls at a snail’s pace in matters that are important to Batswana like high unemployment, and the identity of the buyer of Tlotso Karema's life and body.

President Masisi, since you have launched into campaign mode so should your fellow citizens take you to task. Here are a few reasons why you are, in fact, snoring sound asleep on the job. Where is the audit for the COVID-19 spending? Where is the electric car? Where is the decolonized curriculum you promised? Why are you still in that seat?

President Masisi, we have had enough of your inability to follow through. You toy with Batswana and continue to dance on their graves. You swim in our blood, and then you dance. You are, indeed, a Vampire President.

Donald Molosi is an actor, writer and public thinker. He is President of the Upright African Movement. Molosi lives in Mahalapye and fears vampires.