This past weekend, we experienced what could have possibly been a fatal accident on the A10. It would have been caused by a nincompoop who appeared to be driving with his/her head screwed the other way around. Betsho, road accidents will continue to claim innocent lives for as long as we have drivers who drive like lunatics, and do not value human life.

As a nation, we are all aware that most of our roads especially that dreaded stretch of the A10 Highway between Gabane-Kumakwane is in bad shape. That stretch literally does not have a road. It has potholes that on a bad day are as deep as the Gaborone Dam. In addition to this, it does not even have a centimetre of a shoulder to cater for incidents such as this one.

A motorist that overtakes carelessly, and without consideration for other drivers, just is capable of murder, and deserves to be locked up, and the key thrown deep into the Moutlotse River.