A few years ago Botswana held a convention to explore the Green Economy concept and map out benefits of transition to a green economy. The principles of Sustainable Development are integral to the country’s development and socio-economic growth.

On the backdrop of climate change, Botswana has put environment at the heart of its economic development. The world is also transitioning towards a just society and green economy, and putting environment at the centre of development across all sectors. The green economy is the next big thing; not only a means to protect the environment but to also make good returns from a more stable and environmentally-healthy world.

I have observed that in Botswana more people are becoming more environmentally-conscious and realising the impact of industrial activity on the fragility of natural eco-systems and how if not regulated, it would negatively impact on the environment in the long-term. Local stakeholders should come on board and Government should devise regulations and national policy on green economy transformation as soon as tomorrow and it should correlate with current challenges, developments and realities. Change can be overwhelming but it is necessary.