Our culture does not think of Christians as sexy people. Some of you reading this article will be surprised that I am writing on this subject to a largely African readership. But it should not surprise us at all nor should we be ashamed to talk about it in the media.

In fact, if we have to discuss intimacy it must be carried through the vehicle of the media because that is where it tends to be distorted. Too often culture views Christians as those who are too uptight to talk about sex or hypocrites who preach against sexual sin while sinning themselves in secret. But the God we worship created sex in the first place, and a close relationship with Him is the key to enjoying a passionate sex life. Here is how you can grow closer to God and your spouse to become a sexy Christian. Remember that sex is only truly enjoyable in marriage.

The Bible is a very good manual on sex. People associate the Bible with a false sense of spirituality partly because preachers and pastors avoid teaching on the subject of sex and have held it as taboo. A lack of understanding of the Bible predisposes one to ignorance and there is nothing more dangerous than an ignorant preacher in the pulpit. To begin with, the Bible contains lots of information on sexual intimacy in the book of Song of Solomon. It is a manual for romance.

A casual reading of this book awakens one’s understanding to the subject of intimacy. It is not surprising that many pastors and Christians have never read the book of Song of Solomon. Most Christian husbands and wives have never read that book either.

Therefore, the pool of ignorance is vast. If you read Song of Solomon today, you will be surprised at the language you will encounter from King Solomon. Because the subject of sex is considered taboo in our cultures, we are deprived of a balanced understanding of this vital subject. No wonder marriages are failing in this area! It is because we also have Bible teachers who are so concerned about money they forget other critical issues covered by God’s word. For love’s sake, I urge all pastors to visit Song of Solomon and rediscover intimacy fresh from God himself and then teach your congregation what God says.

Most importantly, we need to discover and fulfil the purpose of sex. God designed sex to be a powerful tool to help people develop closer relationships with Him and each other. Through knowing God we can learn how to love more deeply.

How well do you know your spouse? Keep in mind that your sexuality and spirituality are intertwined, and ultimately, the way you relate to Jesus reflects the way you relate to your spouse. If you are honest with God you will have the courage to be vulnerable with your spouse. I highly recommend a book called THE ACT OF MARRIAGE by Tim & Beverly La Haye. It will change your sex life.