My heart sank when Ndaba Goalathe, president of the Alliance for Progressives (AP) painted a picture of a new Botswana as AP and the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) took their bromance to a whole new level. As much as Ndaba and Saleshando envision a new and better Botswana, getting there is no walk in the park.

See, these two parties are not reinventing the wheel. A few years ago, the BCP joined forces with the UDC under the banner of a new and better Botswana. Fast forward to the present day, they are now joining forces with AP under the same vision. So what guarantee do I have as a voter that this ‘marriage’ will last at least long enough for them to attain the political holy grail. Even a blind man can tell that the BCP wants out of the UDC.

The longer they linger around the union the more damage they bring to opposition parties. In all honesty this may be the best time for opposition parties to take power, yet their constant battles and blatant mistrust among themselves do not play in their favour.