I have for many years been close to, ATI. We have been through a lot together. In my interaction with him, spanning many years, I've seen nothing but a polite young man dead focused on realising his dream; unapologetic about his lifestyle, his life choices, and, his convictions.

For that, he has earned my eternal admiration. He has always called me, "uncle", and it has been a privilege to have known him. Having said that, I still see nothing wrong with those who hold a contrary/different opinion about his choices, his convictions and the less private aspects of his life. He is, a national icon, after all. It is to be expected.

The path of criticism is a public way. What more, he is a human being. They may be right, and they may be wrong. I really don't see what people are being bashed, for. There is nothing wrong with having an uncomplimentary opinion about him. Frankly, if ATI minded uncomplimentary opinion, he'd have long wiped off that tear. He'd not be so extroverted and free spirited. He knows it’s in the game. It comes with the territory.