- As COP-28 comes to an end in Dubai

Post COP28, the Botswana Green Building Council (BotGBC) emerges as a driving force in steering Botswana towards a net-zero, healthy, and resilient built environment.

Botswana Green Building Council - BotGBC President, Tebogo Modisagape said this is a vision encapsulated in their slogan the ‘Botswana We Want’.

In light of the undeniable need for a sustainable future, BotGBC affirms its role as a catalyst for change in the built environment, responsible for 37 percent of global energy-related carbon emissions.

“With a commitment to a 1.5-degree Celsius future and the protection of vulnerable communities, BotGBC stands as a pivotal stakeholder committed to transformative action,” Modisagape said.

Their mission is to unite the built environment and construction sector, promoting sustainability through sustainable building practices and energy-efficient designs.

COP28 highlighted the critical importance of adaptation, and this motivated BotGBC to empower the private sector in driving solutions.

Following COP28, Botswana positions itself as a global leader in catalysing the uptake of sustainable built environments for everyone, everywhere in Botswana, actively reducing building carbon footprints.

“The Council's unwavering dedication reflects Botswana's commitment to sustainability, setting an example for global transformation,” she said, adding that BotGBC's initiatives are poised to drive change, and emphasise a greener future reliant on sustainable infrastructure.

As COP-28 reached its final phase, critical voices have emerged emphasising the urgent need for transformative action in pivotal areas of climate negotiation.

UN Climate Chief, Simon Stiell and UN chief António Guterres have echoed the imperative for unprecedented action, emphasising the necessity to triple renewables capacity, double energy efficiency, and phase out fossil fuels by 2030.

However, the conference faced criticism from civil society organisations, who lamented the muted conversation around the essential phase-out of fossil fuels.