United Nations Development programmes (UNDP) Botswana, is working tirelessly to address climate change issues within the country.

Communications Associate at UNDP Botswana, Lebogang Tlhaloso says they are working on mitigation measures to address climate change issues locally. He agrees that, it is high time the public works towards raising awareness on climate issues and considering practices that promote positive impact on climate change.

"We have 12 projects that vary, to ensure that we protect the planet while also manage the state of climate, " he says. He tells this publication that they have introduced heritage gardens, to bring in innovative ways of addressing climate change.

"These gardens are watered once in a week, to deal with the crisis of shortage of water" he says explaining that ploughing is affected by climate change as the county experiences low rainfalls. They also have another project at the Okavango Delta based on pan handle of the delta.

Tlhaloso also adds that, communities continue to be funded by UNDP to address issues of climate change. He is of that lack of funding regarding climate change initiatives also contribute immensely to experienced side effects of global warming.

They have thus funded a reputable cooperate, MmaSebotse Cooperative Society in Phikwe for easy production of mongongo tree oil. "We bought equipment that extacts oil from the mongongo fruit, as they used to crush it and process oil, but now easily extract using machinery, ", he says adding that, this also helps them to have access to market as they now produce in large quantity.

He further says that this also helps in terms of renewable energy. He also adds that, they plan to install a bio gas station in Phikwe." The MmaSebotse Cooperative Society has now stopped cutting down trees, and now use bio gas, and byproducts for organic fertilizers," says Tlhaloso.

They are yet to partner with Botswana Institute for Technology Research and Innovation (BITRI), to work on Dikabya Dam and irrigation project to install renewable energy.