The already fragile relationship between the Botswana National Front, Botswana Peoples’ Party, and the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) risks collapsing completely.

This comes in the wake of the Moselewapula ward rally addressed by the president of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Duma Boko, and the coalition’s chairman, Motlatsi Molapisi.

Only BNF, BPP, and Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) are featured in the programme. The BCP was not represented and neither was the Alliance for Progressives (AP), which is reportedly in cooperation talks with the BCP.

“As far as I know, no invitation was given to the BCP. In a situation where there is respect among partners, due process, and collaborative work, it is the BCP, which should lead the rallies at Moselewapula. The ward belongs to us and we should be leading the campaign,” complained the BCP publicity secretary, Mpho Pheko.

Secretary-General of the BPP, Nono Kgafela-Mokoka, however, said in a recent interview that the BCP had been invited to the rally.

Nkange Member of Parliament (MP), Dr. Never Tshabang was one of the speakers at the weekend rally, but he made it clear at the rally that he was not representing the BCP, but was extended a personal invitation by a colleague in parliament.

“I am here as a guest of my fellow MP, Ignatius Moswaane, the UDC MP in this area. He invited me here to help him warm up the ward that will be contested for in the coming council by-election, to prepare for the UDC to win this ward,” Tshabang said, who repeated the latter part of his statement to the cheers of the gathered crowd.

Tshabang went further to remind his audience that now is not the time to be wasting time with seminars and other sessions to determine who is better between BCP leader Dumelang Saleshando and Boko. "The BDP is finished. Now is the time for us to push for regime change as a collective. We as UDC should fight for regime change at all cost, as the BDP too, will defend its place in power at all cost. Wherever you are, know that only the UDC is the party to vote for. I repeat, it's UDC or nothing," Tshabang stressed. The Nkange MP is among the four BCP MPs known to be against their party stance to stand against the UDC, and the tone of the rally revolved around pushing for the UDC to win Moselewapula ward and nothing else.

Molapisi, who is also the president of the BPP, said it is unfortunate that Batswana tend to be indifferent to the challenges that beset their country.

“Please go to your leaders and tell them that the UDC is the answer,” Molapisi appealed, referring to BCP leaders whose commitment to the UDC is in doubt by some in the BNF and BPP.

For his part, Boko took some time to heap praise on the beautiful things the BPP represents - for having come this far preaching the politics of land.

“The BPP has got an important message which we must take note of and that is the land issue. The party challenges us to be conscious of the fact that if we do not have land, the much talked about independence has not yet reached us,” Boko said in reference to the party’s pan-Africanist ideal.