Today, (Wednesday) marks exactly nine days since Smith Moeti’s two aunts - Letsomelo and Tshekokom Kgadikgadi - went missing in Metsiamanong, in the Central Kgalagadi Game Reserve (CKGR).

The two women who are sisters, one in her 50s and the other in her 60s, set out for the bush a few days earlier in search of water and food.

“I believe they were hungry and wanted to look for food. It had also been very hot those past few days, so they were thirsty because we have no water here. Government provides water to residents through bowsers on a monthly basis.”

However, Moeti observes that the water is not enough to feed all people in the area.

“They usually end up fending for themselves, this is why they went out. We really do not know what to think now,” Moeti said, adding that it was disturbing that the police are seemingly dragging their feet.

“I am not sure if it is because we are Basarwa or what, it seems they do not want to help us. We saw a helicopter passing up there only once and it was a very brief search, we heard there was no fuel for the plane to remain in the air longer. Since then, nothing has been done”, he claimed.

Moeti added that all they can do now is sit and be worried because they are powerless as they have no resources to go out and look for them.

"We do not own cars. We are pleading with all those who can help us to come forward. The weather is very harsh out there, the longer they stay unfound, the more dangerous it gets,” Moeti cried.

Gantsi Police Acting Station Commander, Assistant Superintendent, Montsho Kgope said they have received the missing person's report and are currently searching for the missing two ladies. He rubbished claims that they were relaxed and not doing enough to find Letsomelo and Tshekokom.

“My men are busy getting ready to go to Metsiamanong tomorrow to continue the search, we are doing all we can to find them. As for the helicopter not staying in the air long enough because of fuel, I cannot answer for that but what I can say is that the air support normally comes in when we have a lead,” he said.