A dejected mother, Onketsang Tshabang (37) in Tutume village, has not been able to sleep for the past days since her six-year-old son, Marcus Tshabang went missing last week Friday.

She does not know where to look anymore, they have searched all over but it is like her son has disappeared from the face of the earth.

“Nobody saw anything, nobody is talking. I do not know what to think anymore,” Tshabang told The Midweek Sun on Tuesday.

On the day her son went missing, he had been playing with other children and all was normal. Marcus then allegedly walked outside the gate never to return.

“I was in Maitengwe at the time, I only received a phone call from one of my children I had sent to the shops to buy snacks for Marcus as he was to leave for Pandamatenga the next day, where he lives with his father.

“Marcus was only in Tutume for the holidays, he was to leave for Pandamatenga where he was to start his primary school education,” explained the mother.

She added that as each day passes, it is like her heart is being ripped out of her chest. She worries a lot about the whereabouts of her six-year-old baby boy.

Tshabang added that law enforcement officers are all over the village searching for the missing child and she remains hopeful that they will find him.

However, not so long ago, flip flops belonging to Marcus were spotted deep inside a river.

“I do not understand how flip flops sink to the bottom of the river, they could have been floating. Also the river is very far from our home, about 10km or so. I refuse to believe that my child walked 10km to that river. It has never happened before,” she said.

Tshabang is pleading with anyone who has information about her child to come forward.

Officer Commanding No.15 Senior Superintendent Kabo Badirwang confirmed that they are looking for the six-year-old boy. "We have been busy looking for him since last week Saturday but sadly we have no leads yet. We have partnered with the family and working together to resolve the matter," he said.