A 55-year-old man is assisting Police in Serowe with investigations after he allegedly hit and killed an unknown man with a stone.

Officer Commanding No. 2 District, Paul Oketsang said they received a report on Monday that a man in Seabe ward in Serowe has been hit with a stone after he was found in the 55-year-old man’s yard around his goat kraal.

Oketsang told The Midweek Sun that it is alleged that the deceased was accompanied by another person who is still at large and they entered the old man’s yard who was alerted from his sleep by their footsteps.

“The 55-year-old man then opened his house, picked up a sizeable stone and hurled it straight to the direction of the deceased who was inside his goat kraal alongside the other one who ran away. He suspected that they wanted to steal his livestock,” Oketsang said.

According to Oketsang, the old man then approached his kraal and found the deceased motionless on the ground while the other had escaped.

Oketsang said the police rushed to the scene and took the deceased to Sekgoma Memorial Hospital where he was confirmed dead. He said investigations are still ongoing to establish the identity of the deceased, as well as his partner.