Members of various party structures of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) will have to relinquish their positions if they want to contest in the party’s Bulela-Ditswe.

This is expected to be top of the agenda at the party's Central Committee meeting.

There have been calls for those wishing to contest in party primary elections to forego their positions in the party structures, be it a central committee, Regional, Branch, Ward, or Cell committees.

President Mokgweetsi Masisi revealed during the closing ceremony of the BDP’s 39th National Congress in Tsabong that this is a matter they have to deliberate on. He stated that in their first meeting with the newly-elected central committee, they will discuss it.

“There is a debate on whether people who hold positions and want to contest for elections should first jump off the ship. This is a matter we have to look at extensively and consider its positives and negatives.

“We have people who are in leadership positions for their own selfish needs. This has to stop because we have people who work selflessly for the BDP,” Masisi said.

The president indicated that he would not tolerate people who are in positions to serve their own interests and not that of the BDP. He said the BDP needs people who are there to serve it, its members, and by extension the public.

In one of its National Council Resolutions, party members have been encouraged to maintain discipline and unity as required by the party constitution and the accompanying disciplinary rules and regulations.

All party structures have been urged to consider and prioritise consensus candidates in all upcoming by-elections as well as the next general election.