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Former Kweneng District Council Chairman Jeffrey Sibisibi is said to have had influence in the running of the Consolidated Estate of Bluthorn Group that is in liquidation.

Sibisibi is said to have been seen frequenting company offices even though he did not have an office. Bluthorn Group is currently undergoing interrogation by various approved creditors.

The interrogation of the Bluthorn Group of Companies that is in liquidation is presided over by Master of the High Court Chipo Gaobatwe.

Below is the interrogation transcript of Joseph Batsalelwang who was the Sales Manager at BFM by one of the creditors’ attorney Dutch Leburu regarding Sibisibi’ involvement in the running of the company.

Leburu: You said you were not often at the office? Batsalelwang: Yes.

Leburu: When we speak about office, how many times a week? Batsalelwang: I’d be out of the office maybe three times in the five days that we worked and the two days I'll be in the office to do administration work.

Leburu: Let's take an average of two days in a week. In those two days, would you see Mr. Sibisibi at the office? Batsalelwang: I wouldn't see him at the office.

Leburu: You wouldn't? Batsalelwang: Yes.

Leburu: In terms of your office space, were all the offices occupied? Batsalelwang: Yes, including the boardroom.

Leburu: Was there a specific office for Mr. Sibisibi? Batsalelwang: Not that I know of. There was no office for Mr. Sibisibi.

Leburu: Other than the label, or the title director or shareholder, do you know any specific assignment that he executed?

Batsalelwang: That's what I was saying. That question could only be directed at Mr. Mosimane.

Leburu: I don’t want you to speculate. I want you to speak to the facts.

Batsalelwang: No, I wouldn’t, but I would ask you to direct that question to Mr. Mosimane.

Leburu: Your duty is to answer questions, not to direct them. Batsalelwang: Okay.

Leburu: And you do not have any specific assignment that he executed? Batsalelwang: No.

Leburu: Since he joined this organisation, have you had meetings? Batsalelwang: With who?

Leburu: For staff? Batsalelwang: Yes.

Leburu: Executive Management? Batsalelwang: Yes.

Leburu: Was he ever introduced or presented on any assignment or duty related to management? Batsalelwang: No.

Leburu: Did you receive any reports of any assignments that he carried on behalf of the company? Batsalelwang: No.

Leburu: Did you ever receive any reports authored by Mr. Sibisibi in relation to the company? Batsalelwang: No, but some emails that will attach him into any to some communications.

Leburu: He will be copied? Batsalelwang: Yes.

Leburu: In his capacity as a director and shareholder? Batsalelwang: He had the @bluthorn.co.bw.

Leburu: So let's take it step by step. You have been with this company from inception? Batsalelwang: No. 2018. Inception was 2016.

Leburu: From 2018 to? Batsalelwang: 2019.

Leburu: You haven't interacted with him at management level? Batsalelwang: No.

Leburu: He didn’t sit there, he never presented any reports? Batsalelwang: No

Leburu: He was not part of your sales team? Batsalelwang: No.

Leburu: Do you know if he was part of HR? Batsalelwang: No. He wasn’t?