The newly-elected President of Botswana Movement Democracy (BMD), Reverend Thuso Tiego says they shall toil and sweat in the next 100 days to rebuild "this great movement."

Rev Tiego who was announced as new BMD leader during the party’s congress in Mahalapye, said they shall mount up with wings like eagles, shall run and not be wearied, walk and not faint, waiting up the Lord to renew their strength.

He said in these next 100 days they shall find each other and collaborate with each other towards “our ultimate liberation where we shall act together to create a Botswana that flows with ceaseless prosperity and opportunities for thriving.”

He told the delegates that the path ahead won't be without challenges, but as they have learned from history, it's not the absence of challenges that defines them, but their response to those challenges.

“Botswana, the promise of freedom is not on the horizon; it is here, in our hearts, in our actions, and in our collective dream. The time has finally come for us to sing our National Anthem with great confidence and relevance. I look forward to the 2024 General elections with great hope.

“I wish to thank you for the faith you have in me. I truly believe that deciding to have me as your leader was a divine call. You were led by God! And you allowed yourself to listen to God's guiding. I carry some strange strength.

“I carry the fire that burns from within me. The strength I carry emanates from the pains and struggles of our people. It emanates from an uncommon faith in the possibility of a better life for our people. My strength emanates from my belief that all the man-made Goliaths that bedevil our country can be defeated,” Tiego said.

He added, “they preach freedom of speech and expression without telling you that the day you choose to express your freedom of speech is the day you spell doom on all your success potential and all your dreams.

“We live in a country where fear has become the order of the day. I must admit we have been made to live in fear to an extent that we even fear our own shadows, and the ruling BDP enjoys this state of affairs.

“It benefits them because they know chances of uprisings become slim giving them a peace of mind to loot the country undisturbed. However, I am convinced that an army of fearless people is rising, and this army will be unstoppable.”

According to Rev Tiego, BMD founding President, Gomolemo Motswaledi's dream was not just a mere reverie but a beacon of hope for the nation.

“A Botswana where every individual's talent is nurtured, allowing each to reach their full potential. A nation where education and health are not just rights but pillars of our progress and success.

“A homeland where prosperity isn't exclusive but inclusive, enveloping each citizen, from every walk of life. He envisioned a Botswana where our youth, filled with vigour and passion, look forward to a future where their creativity, innovation, and dedication contribute to our nation's greatness. A land where economic empowerment isn't a privilege but a birth-right,” Rev Tiego told the congress.