Mochudi sewage pump station 8 is spilling raw sewage water into the environment at Raserura ward.

When approaching the far end of Raserura where the pump station is located, one is greeted by the stench of sewer water, and cannot help but be overcome by a nauseating feeling.

Just next to the station, there is a pond carrying dirty water, the smelly water flows in all directions of Raserura ward polluting the area.

Trees have dried and leaves have lost colour.

The affected area has since last year been waterlogged, some areas are even inaccessible.

“The situation is bad, especially at night, the stench gets stronger we fear for our health, it is nauseating,” a farmer who identified himself as Patrick, said.

Patrick who has a farm not far from the station said it was worrying that the village leadership is not addressing them about the matter. He wondered if it is because the affected area is in secluded and bushy areas with not many homesteads.

“I once saw Water Utilities Corporation men stuck in the muddy waters there and when I questioned what was happening they had no answers.

“I feel sorry for the poor security guards guarding the station, they inhale the sewer smell all day,” he said.

When approached by this publication, the security guard who was found on duty could only shake his head in defeat. “Re tla reng, ke phaleche.” The guard could not share his names fearing victimisation.

What Patrick suspects is that some pipes busted leading to the sewer water spilling to the surface of the ground.

What saddens him is that their livestock has begun drinking the smelly water. He fears that their livestock will fall sick or become unhealthy because of drinking contaminated water.

By press time, Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) spokesperson Beauty Mokoba had not responded to this week's enquiry by The Midweek Sun on the matter.

However, a credible source has informed this publication that WUC is aware of the situation in Raserura.

The matter has been discussed before at the WUC leadership level but no one is acting on the matter.

What is more worrying is that about three to four pump stations in Mochudi are non-operational and it has been the case since last year.