A local fruits and vegetable wholesale provider, Yamikani foods in partnership with Topmarket Capital, a purchase order financing company have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will help Small Medium Enterprises get the produce they need quickly without going through mountainous paperwork that often comes along with getting produce via a purchase order or a tender.

Spokesperson of Topmarket Capital, Emmanuel Forbes said that through this MoU, their company has a mandate to help SME’s elevate their businesses. Forbes notes that many SME’s do not have finances to buy the goods they need for a tender or supply business but they are obligated contractually to do so.

Yamikani Foods General Manager, Mosimanegape Motsumi noted that people with purchase orders often do not have the monies and goods to supply. Therefore they have decided to come to the rescue of these SME’s as they will help small companies which have a cash flow problem.

Motsumi notes that the fruit and veg industry is fast paced and hence people often do not have the luxury of time to look for finances to buy the goods they need. He urges young companies to join in this partnership as it will help them elevate their businesses.

A local SME owner, Sethunya Mosweu indicated that Yamikani Foods helped her grow her company. She said through Yamikani foods flexible arrangements, she was able to get the goods she needed without any challenges.