Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Regional WhatsApp group has been ‘closed’ after internal strife emerged over the exclusion of prominent figure Vee from the party's primary elections.

According to an anonymous source within the Party, the Gaborone regional WhatsApp group descended into chaos earlier this week following Vee's vetting out. Some members allegedly engaged in insensitive behaviour advocating for his inclusion in the primary elections.

A communique circulated today within the group announced the closure, with only group admins permitted to post. "As Admins of this group, together with the leadership of Gaborone Region, we regrettably inform you all that we are now forced to temporarily disable ALL comments in this group from today. We are concerned about some unhealthy exchanges taking place in this group which have now spiraled out of control and are likely to bring embarrassment to the party," the announcement read. Party members were encouraged to participate in other groups.

In response to the allegations of discontentment, BDP spokesperson Kagelelo Kentse reaffirmed the party's commitment to discipline and adherence to Central Committee (CC) decisions. Kentse declined to comment on complaints raised in the WhatsApp group, stating, "I am not going to comment about any complaints by any member raised in a WhatsApp group. BDP members know how to address their complaints if any. Disciplined members also know that CC decisions are final."