The Member of Parliament for Mahalapye West, David Tshere says he will not be deterred by attacks on him by colleagues at Botswana Congress Party (BCP).

The MP who is said to be among those who are against the idea of the BCP fielding a candidate at Bophirima Ward in Gaborone Bonnington South, while the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) has fielded a candidate, has been lambasted by the BCP Youth League.

Tshere is said to have been ordered by party leader Dumelang Saleshando to leave a BCP Parliamentary Caucus recently. Saleshando is also the UDC Vice President and Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

Following the attack, Tshere indicated that he believes in opposition unity and he is for the struggle to remove Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) from power. He revealed that once all is settled, his attackers will be silenced.

Some of the BCP MPs are said to have made it clear to the party Central Committee (CC) that they will not support the party leadership's decision on Bophirima Ward. BCP will this coming Saturday go to the polls against UDC and BDP.

Following the party leadership resolution to contest for the ward, all structures, including MPs have been urged to rally behind the decision and help the party to win the ward.

When news broke out that Tshere was kicked out of the BCP Parliamentary caucus, he took to his official Facebook page and wrote:

“I am aware of news doing rounds about me. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to discuss what went down at the BCP Parliamentary Caucus meeting which was held yesterday at 8pm. What I can only confirm is that I was asked to leave the meeting by the Leader of Opposition and I left.

“I have no idea about any disciplinary hearing or action, but if it's coming I will be waiting. I don't want to engage media on this issue because like I said, in my view, it's purely an internal issue.

“I don't want to sound like I am fighting the party or dragging the Party's name in the mud either. I hope this will help you understand my point of view.”

Following his statement, a deeply concerned BCPYL stated that Tshere is a CC member and a Member of Parliament and that he is a leader in the party and nationally.

“There are certain standards we hold him to and principles we expect him to uphold. To our dismay, David has mutated into an overnight rabble-rouser due to the dread of losing his meal ticket (MP seat).

“The BCP NEC was within its mandate to convene an emergency CC meeting to deliberate on Bophirima, an act his homeboy (BNF leader) failed to do at UDC. The CC duly voted democratically for the BCP to field a candidate at Bophirima.

“David was part of that meeting, he was given an opportunity to argue his position, his reasons were defeated by plurality.

“Democratic Centralism compelled the Mahalapye West legislator to abide by majority decision. Lo and behold, he opted to give the decision the middle finger.”