-BCP is still part of the UDC

The President of BCP Dumelang Saleshando and BCP Secretary General, Goretetse Kekgonegile have been suspended from the UDC.

According to UDC President, Duma Boko, BCP continues to be part of the UDC family. The duo is accused for tarnishing the name and image of the UDC and not apologising for doing so even after the UDC NEC resolution required them to.

The UDC has taken a decision not to expel the entire BCP party and only target the wrongdoers.

According to Boko, the UDC NEC will meet with the UDC parliamentary caucus to determine if the Leader of Opposition in parliament Dumelang Saleshando should step down from his role as the LOO.

Duma Boko has refuted claims that he is leading the UDC in a draconian style as the UDC has not vested him power to make decisions alone, unless it is through the NEC.

“Democracy is majoritarian tyranny," Boko said, noting that he only represents the interests and decisions of the UDC.

Suspended Saleshando and Kekgonegile will undergo a three month disciplinary process.