BCP's new catch Unity Dow says BDP has run out of ideas

Specially Elected Member of Parliament (SEMP), Dr Unity Dow has been unveiled as the latest member of the Botswana Congress Party (BCP). Dow was recently welcomed into the BCP in grand style.

Dr Dow, who has had an extensive career in human rights explained that she is elated to join a political party that has order. She chose the BCP as her political home of choice because of the party's stern structures and leadership style which relies on engaging all party structures before making decisions.

She explained that she had taken her time to carefully go through the various political parties and check which one she could join. Dow believes that the BCP is clear in its message and it is a political home that is alive and kicking.

She is willing to take up whatever role that the party leadership wants her to be in and she is optimistic about what the BCP will do for Botswana.

Dr Dow told this publication that Batswana should vote for themselves and their future. She said that one should look at the disparities that they face and wonder if they are enough for one to vote in the ruling party.

She said people should go to the polling stations and vote because the current regime is not doing enough for the people of Botswana, neither is it providing any new ideas.

“We should not be poor as Batswana,” Dow said, adding that the current poverty is a result of the lack of innovative ideas from the government and the BDP cannot deliver to Batswana what Batswana deserve.

Before handing Dow her membership card which was signed by the founding president of the BCP, Michael Dingake, BCP president Dumelang Saleshando said that Dow has an extensive track record that goes deep into fighting for the people’s human rights.

He revealed that Dow took a brave decision by jumping ship from the BDP, braving through harsh criticism from the ruling political elite. Saleshando revealed that they have not yet decided what role they will deploy Dow in as it is still early to tell.

Saleshando said the party is concerned about the rise of the DIS, noting that the constant harassment is an indicator that it is time for change. He said that the BCP promises Batswana change that will give them better lives.